Feel free to reach out!   discord: @nicholai.d • email: nicholai at this domain

Hi! I’m Nicholai, and I care about building quality solutions with a lasting impact. I’m passionate about solving interesting problems, whether it’s in software engineering, math, or puzzles. Currently, I am helping build Clay in New York, the world’s best creative go-to-market platform.

Before that, I had several summer internships. Most recently, I worked on computer vision infrastructure at Matroid, a startup in Palo Alto. The previous summer, I worked at Meta in Seattle optimizing the allocations of millions of servers as a member of the Algorithmic Optimization team. I graduated in May 2024 from WashU with a combined Bachelor’s & Master’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics and a minor in Linguistics.

My work on puzzles includes spending close to a year building the 2023 MIT Mystery Hunt with team teammate. If you like maps, check out my puzzle City Placement. I was also the founder and president of the WashU Puzzle Club, which creates and solves crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, logic puzzles, and of course puzzle hunts.

Other activities I enjoy include social dancing, board games, hiking, biking, and exploring new places.