resume: pdf • github: ndimov

Hi! I’m Nicholai, and I’m passionate about solving interesting problems, whether it’s software engineering, math, or puzzles. I care about finding quality solutions with a lasting impact.

This summer, I worked on computer vision infrastructure at Matroid, a startup in Palo Alto. Before that, I spent a summer at Meta in Seattle as a member of the Algorithmic Optimization team, optimizing the allocations of millions of servers. I am pursuing a combined Bachelor’s & Master’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics with a minor in Linguistics at WashU.

I spent much of the last year building the 2023 MIT Mystery Hunt with team teammate. If you like maps, check out my puzzle City Placement. I’m also the founder and president of the WashU Puzzle Club, where we create and solve crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, logic puzzles, and of course puzzle hunts.

Other activities I enjoy include board games, hiking, (swing) dancing, biking, climbing, and exploring new places.